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A healthier planet for all 🌎

HeyFolks is thrilled to announce our partnership with BLOOM, an innovative USA based company dedicated to creating sustainable materials that are verifiably better for the environment. This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to environmental restoration and sustainability.

Our Voyageur shoe now proudly incorporates BLOOM foam, a groundbreaking material that not only supports sustainability but actively contributes to cleaning the environment. Each pair of Voyageur shoes with bio-based BLOOM foam helps clean up to 19 cubic meters of air and 30 liters of water. This is a significant step towards reducing pollution and fostering a healthier planet for all.

A symbiotic relationship with nature 🤝🌿

BLOOM focuses on creating symbiotic relationships with nature, developing renewable resources while revitalizing and maintaining healthy ecosystems. Their sustainable materials, derived from natural resources like algae, play a crucial role in generating clean water and air. By choosing the Voyageur shoe, you are not just selecting a product; you are participating in a movement for environmental restoration.

The use of BLOOM foam in our Voyageur shoes is a reflection of HeyFolks’ dedication to offering products that are not only high-quality and comfortable but also environmentally responsible. We believe in treading lightly on the Earth, and with BLOOM’s sustainable materials, we can ensure that our footwear leaves a positive impact on the planet.

Join us in our journey towards sustainability and environmental stewardship by choosing the Voyageur shoe with BLOOM foam. Together, we can make strides in transforming both the footwear industry and the environment for the better.

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