Algae is the fastest growing plant on Earth, and it is a vital component of aquatic ecosystems. However, the rise in global temperatures, excess nutrient runoff, and human activities have contributed to an uncontrollable rise in algae growth in ecosystems around the world—harming plant, animal, and even human life.

Once harvested BLOOM uses this excess algae biomass from these ecosystems and applies heat and pressure in a proprietary process which results in a bio-material that can be used as an ingredient in our shoes.

We’re creating good days for people and our earth by utilizing BLOOM in our shoes, cleaning up to 30L of water and 19.7 cubic meters of air per pair we produce.


Lee County, Florida, 2018


Less than 24 hours Later

Why Algae?

When human-made pollution is in abundance, algae absorbs that pollution and grows at an uncontrollable rate.

Algae blooms represent a threat to life on our planet, yet is one of our largest untapped renewable resources.

How is BLOOM Made?

Wet algae is harvested and squeezed into a paste. It is now ready to be dried!

Using heat, the algae paste is dried to produce crunchy flakes.

BLOOM’s proprietary processes are used to refine algae flakes into unique blends of green powder.

The algae powders are then blended with polymers to create pellets that can be used in the process of making Heyfolks shoes!