What stays the same?

  • The same quality that you know and love!

  • Customer service. We're still the same, smiling people ready to help you with any of your questions.

  • Our packaging is still made of the same 100% recycled materials.

  • Designed and made with love in CANADA!

What is going to Change?

  • Our name! Our products have evolved to serve the whole family so we want to reflect that by encompassing everything under one brand.

  • Our soft sole sizing will be streamlined across all styles. In the past, the fringed shoe has fit smaller than all other styles. Everything will now be the same length as the fringeless shoes.

  • Our Adult Voyageur shoes are launching on the website soon...stay tuned!

  • www.minimoc.ca will now redirect to www.heyfolks.com

  • Our Minimoc Members are now part of the Heyfolks Neighbourhood!

  • Our Support Team is now available at support@heyfolks.com