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Experience DualStride,

The latest innovation from Heyfolks, designed with a singular vision: to revolutionize your footwear experience. DualStride isn't just a shoe; it's a testament to our belief that your footwear should adapt to you, not the other way around.

  • Good Day Comfort Insole

    Designed with open-cell polyurethane foam for energy dissipation and PU metatarsal and heel strike energy foam inserts for enhanced shock absorption, and embedded with Copptech antimicrobial for freshness.

  • Nitrogen Infused Insole

    Engineered with nitrogen-expanded eTPU foam for high energy return and enhanced shock absorption and embedded with Copptech natural antimicrobial for odour-free performance.

The Midsole

Crafted using a groundbreaking process, the midsole of the DualStride shoe is more than just foam—it's a revolution in comfort and performance. Infused with nitrogen, this is not your ordinary midsole. The result is a material that's incredibly lightweight, yet delivers an astounding 60% energy return. Every step, every stride is enhanced, providing a level of comfort and performance that's simply unparalleled.

The Outsole

Our outsole offers 42% more abrasion resistance than rubber in comparable shoes, thanks to our use of castable polyurethane, a new technology that offers a lightweight solution without compromising on durability.

This means fewer replacements and less waste over time.


TPU Toe and Heel

Elevate Your Step.
Crafted with precision, the TPU Toe and Heel integration offers unparalleled impact protection. Every step you take is backed by enhanced durability, ensuring your shoes last longer and perform better.

Internal Microfiber Support:

Craftsmanship Meets Comfort.
Borrowing from the design of our Voyageur shoes, the internal support structure boasts a sophisticated microfiber system. This results in a heightened stability around the instep, ensuring a fit that's not just secure, but also comfortable. And the best part? It's made with eco-conscious Recycled Rpet microfiber.

Recycled Polyester Uppers:

Sustainability, Knitted In.
Our commitment to a greener future is evident in every fiber. The recycled polyester uppers are a testament to our dedication to sustainability, without compromising on style or durability.

Monofit Upper:

Seamless Elegance.
Experience a fit like never before. The Monofit Upper design eliminates stress points along the laces in the instep, molding to your foot like a second skin. It's more than just a shoe; it's a sock-like embrace for your foot.

Rocker Bottom Shape:

Fluid Motion Perfected.
Designed with a unique Rocker Bottom Shape, every step transitions smoothly from heel to toe. The flared heel and toe spring work in harmony to support a natural gait movement, making every walk a graceful dance.

Antimicrobial Treatment:

Internal Shank

Stability, Redefined.
Hidden within is the robust Internal Shank, providing the foundation for unmatched stability and support. It's the silent hero, ensuring every step is confident and grounded.

  • High Performance and Everyday Use:

    Whether you're going for a run, hitting the gym, or simply taking a leisurely stroll, the DualStride shoe is designed to cater to a wide range of activities.

  • Sustainable and Durable:

    Made with recycled polyester uppers and a unique Castable Polyurethane blended outsole that offers 42% better abrasion resistance than rubber, the DualStride shoe is both eco-friendly and built to last.

  • Health and Freshness:

    The embedded Copptech antimicrobial in both insoles eliminates excessive odour, and bacteria, making the DualStride shoe suitable for everyday comfort and performance use.

  • Innovative Comfort System:

    The Heyfolks DualStride Comfort System allows you to switch between everyday and performance mode, ensuring optimal comfort and performance at all times, further enhancing the shoe's versatility.

  • Machine Washable:

    The DualStride shoe is machine washable, making it easy to keep clean and fresh. This feature adds to its versatility, as it can be quickly and conveniently cleaned after any activity.

  • Versatile Tread:

    The tread on the DualStride shoe is designed to provide excellent traction in a variety of environments. Whether you're running on a track, walking on a trail, or strolling through the city, the DualStride shoe offers reliable grip and stability.

  • Wearable with or without Socks:

    The DualStride shoe is designed to be worn with or without socks, offering flexibility based on your comfort and preference. The antimicrobial treatment of the insoles helps keep your feet fresh and healthy, even when worn without socks.

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  • Copptech: The Heart of Innovation

    Copptech stands out in the world of shoe technologies. It is a safe, embedded, zinc antimicrobial similar to what you’ll find in a daily multivitamin. It never washes out and performs for the lifetime of the product — unlike many other antimicrobials

  • The Science Behind the Magic

    Copptech's prowess lies in its mechanism. By creating an environment that inhibits the growth of microbes, it reduces the presence of bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens. This not only ensures a reduction in odors but also adds a layer of protection against microbial degradation of the shoe material.

  • Crafted for Tomorrow

    In our partnership with Purra Performance, we're not just looking at the present; we're envisioning the future of footwear. A future where technology and design coalesce, offering an experience that's both modern and protected. With Copptech, we're taking that bold step into tomorrow, today.

Join us

In revolutionizing the way we bring the Dualstride collection to you. Pre-order now and be a part of the future of footwear!

We're thrilled to announce our exclusive pre-order opportunity for the Dualstride shoe collection. Here's why you should be part of this journey:

Why Pre-Order the Dualstride Collection with Us?

Early Supporter Discounts

Secure your order within the first two weeks and enjoy a 30% discount.

Missed the early bird offer? Don't worry, you can still avail a 15% discount until the shipping date at the end of February 2024.

A Proven Track Record:

Our commitment to quality and delivery is evident from our past success with the "Adult Voyaguer Shoes" Kickstarter project. Your trust means everything to us.

Why Not Just Do Another Kickstarter?

After surveying our loyal customers, the feedback was clear - you wanted a direct pre-order system on our website rather than another Kickstarter campaign. We value your feedback and have acted on it!

Innovative Ordering System

Traditional ordering methods have consistently posed challenges, especially when it comes to accurately predicting the demand for specific sizes and colors. This often results in rapid stockouts of popular sizes, while other less sought-after combinations, like a particular shade of blue in size 12, remain unsold.

Every shoe that doesn't match customer preferences represents a missed opportunity to stock a shoe that would fill the gaps in high-demand sizes.

Our solution? The pre-order system. By gauging interest upfront, we gain a clearer insight into our customers' preferences, ensuring that we order the right mix of sizes and colors to meet your needs.


While receiving your shoes might take a bit longer, this method paves the way for us to launch a wider variety of styles more swiftly in the future.

Here's how it works: We unveil a new design, you express your interest, and then we initiate the pre-order process.

This streamlined approach ensures we only embark on projects that align with our minimum order requirements, billing you solely when we're confident of hitting those targets.

But that's not all. We envision a future where you play an even more integral role in our design process. Imagine having the power to vote on which shoe designs we bring to life, from the ideation phase to the pre-order stage. Your voice, shaping our future collections!

Enter To Win

Enter to win one of 20 Pairs of Dualstride.

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