• We’re here to help you have a good day.

    We’re here to help you have a good day.

    We do this by creating products that enrich your life, with concern for people and our earth.

Our Story 📔

Welcome to heyfolks! 🌟 Founded by the husband-and-wife duo, Amanda and Jeff Penner, our adventure began in 2013 with Minimoc. During this time, we poured love and care into crafting soft sole shoes, with each pair serving as a symbol of love for little ones. These shoes were created from remnants of the handmade leather wallets that Jeff crafted for our wedding party, symbolizing a commitment to sustainability and thoughtful design from the outset.

In 2019, we introduced the beloved kids' Voyageur sneaker, and not long after, the adult-sized Voyageur was launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign. With each step forward, our brand continuously evolved. In February 2020, to reflect our inclusive spirit and broadened product line, we underwent a rebranding process and embraced the name heyfolks. 🌿

Today, heyfolks represents more than just a footwear brand. We stand as a promise of comfort, quality, and conscious living. Our products celebrate earth-forward design, superior materials, and life’s beautiful moments. From our early days of sewing soft soles at home to the present, where families find joy in wearing our shoes, every chapter of our story is intricately woven with love and commitment. Together, we craft not just products, but also experiences, memories, and joy for our valued customers. 💖

Friendship Manufacturing 🌎

Crafting exceptional sneakers involves expertise, quality, and collaboration. We’ve partnered with experienced shoemakers in China through our Friendship Manufacturing Initiative. These artisans, with their deep knowledge and skills, bring our designs to life with precision.

In China, the process is efficient and specialized, with different factories expertly crafting specific parts of the shoe. This approach not only guarantees perfection in every component but also supports easy recycling of materials at each stage.

For example, one factory might sew the uppers, while another crafts the soles, each excelling in their segment of production. This discovery came as we explored establishing our own factory in Canada, a vision that seemed increasingly challenging, especially with the onset of the pandemic.

However, our collaboration is more than transactional. It’s a partnership based on respect, diligence, and a shared dedication to quality, with BSCI compliance ensuring ethical practices. heyfolks owners are welcome to visit, and our representatives are present during production, maintaining a focus on our quality standards. Our sneakers are not just products; they're tales of craftsmanship, quality, and international collaboration. 🌐👟

Advanced Materials ⚛️

We are steadfast in our commitment to sustainability and innovation, crafting products that are not only stylish but also environmentally responsible. 🌿

One of our standout materials is Bloom Algae. Algae, the fastest-growing plant on Earth, plays a crucial role in aquatic ecosystems. However, due to various factors including global warming and human activities, there has been an uncontrollable increase in algae growth, which can be detrimental to both plant and animal life. 

Bloom transforms Algae into a valuable bio-material through a proprietary process involving heat and pressure. Each pair of shoes we produce with Bloom cleans up to 30 liters of water and 19.7 cubic meters of air, making a significant positive impact on the environment.

Our Dualstride shoe is a testament to our innovative spirit, featuring a midsole infused with nitrogen through a groundbreaking process. This isn't your ordinary foam; it's a revolution in comfort and performance. The nitrogen-infused foam is incredibly lightweight while offering an astounding 60% energy return with every step, providing unparalleled comfort and performance.

Castable Polyurethane technology in the Dualstride outsole offers 42% more abrasion resistance than comparable rubber outsoles. This not only means fewer replacements and less waste over time but also ensures a lightweight solution without compromising on durability.

Each element of our products is meticulously crafted to offer a transformative footwear experience that is earth forward, durable, and versatile. 👟

A New Era

September 2023 An Update from Amanda + Jeff

A decade ago,

My husband Jeff and I (Amanda) embarked on a journey making baby shoes which led us to build a factory in our hometown in Abbotsford BC Canada.

Over the past ten years, alongside an exceptional team of sewers, we've passionately crafted and distributed tens of thousands of leather baby shoes globally. We've forged meaningful connections and had the privilege of witnessing countless little ones take their first steps in our designs. A decade of experiences, learning and people we have met along the way has truly enriched our lives.

The world has changed a lot since we first started, especially with the events of recent years. With serious thought and given the increasing costs of manufacturing in Canada, coupled with the need to adapt to changes in customer desires, we've made a pivotal decision—to discontinue the production of our beloved Soft Sole shoes.

Heyfolks enters a new era

In this new era, we will pivot to focus on areas of Heyfolks that continue to show growth such as our Voyageur Adult and Kids sneakers along with the introduction of new products like the Dualstride.

We look forward to bringing you more innovative and thoughtfully crafted products, designed to enrich your life with concern for people and our planet.

The remaining soft sole shoe inventory will only be available while supplies last.

We thank you for your support of our company, always.

MUCH love,
Amanda, Jeff and the Heyfolks team

The Accompanying video is one we made to show the behind the scenes of the factory we built and operated in Abbotsford BC from 2013-2023

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